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I'm glad to invite you to my web-page

My photoMy name is Svetlana! I'm a doctor on education, but on a calling i'm a healer
I am engaged in biopower 12 years, it is necessary to tell, it is effective enough.
My hands feel thin vibrations of a biofield, it is natural gift.
Still I am engaged ayurvedic in herbal medicine, I treat with herbs helping. Structures from herbs I prepare myself, under the own recipes. It is volumetric structures including from 15 up to 55 kinds of different herbs. For treatment of many illnesses into herbs structures including spices. They give to mixes from herbs extraordinary aroma.
This preparation of different extracts, tincture, from a vital beginning of herbs. In practical magic I use the recipes of Paracels.

I apply massages, with use of aromatic oils, and also receptions of manipulation.

Sincerely, your healer, Svetlana.



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